Podcasts As A Medium In Storytelling Gaining Traction

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2020 is a strange year, the established norms are being challenged and new practices are taking flight and they are now becoming part of this ‘new normal’. This has been a year when podcasts have finally found their wings and people, from the comfort of your home, have loved podcast shows as they can hear their favourite thought leaders talk about complex and interesting topics.

Podcasts are an episodic series and there is essentially a recurring host and they are extremely easy to consume and are very interactive mediums. Podcasts are great as they cater to the on-the-go lifestyle and they have allowed companies to narrate their stories anywhere and from any time.

It has given the brands the opportunity to communicate consistently with their target audiences through fresh and engaging content and hence, have established credibility and trust. Podcasts have helped shape the way consumers think and then, how they feel and behave towards brands.

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So, yes, video content has failed and hence, audio content has become the medium to reach mass markets. As per a study conducted in 2019, by PWC, the Indian podcast listener base was approximately 40 million by the end of 2018.

What the content marketers need to understand that podcasts relating to healthcare, mental well-being, fitness, and entrepreneurship have gained traction and they should adapt their strategies accordingly.

They have to also ensure good sound quality and they have to expunge unnecessary chit chat and this ensures the podcast is easily accessible, and every important aspect goes into creating a smooth user experience.

During these times, when the pandemic has forced people to stay alone and physical interaction has come to a grinding halt, podcasts and churning out content has become very important. It goes without saying that podcasts have changed the way content is being consumed, and it has gone a great way to establish a connection with the audience.

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