4 Features Your eCommerce Site Must Have For Business

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Changing global trends have made it near impossible to have a business up and running without proper e-commerce solutions to have your back. So to keep up with the pace, it is an extremely essential element of your establishment. Now, there are some features which are considered by the best eCommerce consulting firms to be essential for your business.

What features your eCommerce site should have?

1. User-friendliness

Since your eCommerce site largely caters to your customers, it needs to meet certain parameters in terms of user-friendliness. Online sellers have very little time to get the viewer’s attention and keep them on the page. If the eCommerce sites comes across as complicated, it will put the buyer off and they will leave. Some simple ways to achieve user-friendliness are:
• Easy navigability between product categories
• Comprehensive search function with an autocomplete option
• Bright and attractive product images or videos
• Lucid product description
• Full disclosure of payment details including shipping
These are only some of the points. You can keep adding to the list as per the nature of your business.

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2. SEO optimization

Just like your website, your eCommerce site requires SEO optimization too. Reach out to WooCommerce consulting services to get yourself the best SEO solutions, such as keyword research, site architecture, content management and link building to achieve high ranks on Google search. Having a separate page for blog posts related to your product also falls under SEO.

3. Mobile optimization

More than 50% of internet users conduct online shopping on mobiles. So your site should be adaptive to mobile users if you do not want to miss out on a sale. Mobile optimization of eCommerce sites is also a good SEO practice to have for your business.

4. User incentives

You got to give your customers reasons to keep browsing your eCommerce site. The more they stay on the page or keep coming back to it, the higher the chance of sale gets. Features like offer deals in the header section, wish lists, FAQs, reward systems, eCommerce cash etc. give your customers an incentive to do so.

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