Blogger Outreach for Competitive Ecommerce Websites: the ABCs of an Efficient Template

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Marketing managers of online stores do a lot of email outreach to boost conversion rates of eCommerce projects they promote. Unfortunately not all blogger outreach campaigns are efficient and bring the desired result.

Very often a low response rate may be caused by a poorly composed outreach email template. Read on and we will reveal you the secrets of a brilliant template that is really difficult to resist.

Provide Value To People You Reach Out To

When you contact a person you want a sale, link, tweet, or exposure in front of a new audience. But people don’t typically do anything for free for somebody they don’t know. In other words, your chances to succeed by asking for something are extremely low. You must provide value to balance the situation.


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Example from BackLinko

A great practice is to make your outreach about your target. You can do it by bringing something new and valuable into focus. If you have something unique and outstanding, people will appreciate that you shared the info.

It’s critical to clearly articulate what makes your content unique in your email. Once you do it, you’ll spark the recipient’s interest.

Don’t just say “It’s amazing”. Explain what you did and what you offer in brief. The reader will get a clue if your offer is worth checking out or not.

Feature Them

The hack that works for any industry including blogger outreach for eCommerce websites.

It’s incredibly hard to resist checking out a piece of content when you know it talks about you.

So why not use this to your advantage?

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Example from an outreach service.

Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language

If you’re able to fit a person’s name or business into your content, by all means, do it and notify them about it. Quote their own articles, provide feedback on their product, it can be anything really. If that mention shows them in a positive light, they will more than likely be willing to share it with their own audience.

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Only Showcase the Very Best of Your Content

This ties into my previous advice. Running a blogger outreach for competitive eCommerce website you need to interest the recipient by showing them something that is actually good and brings novelty.

Of course, everyone is very proud of their content and thinks each of their articles is a work of art, but you should free yourself from that bias, at least for a time. Only send the person you’re trying to reach your very best articles.

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Especially the ones with loads of comments, Reddit upvotes and citations from high-authority websites. That’s actual proof that your content is doing well and is much more valuable than you saying “Hey, look at my stuff, it’s great!”.

Find a Better Excuse for Outreach

The most common excuses used for outreach are pretty worthless. They include things like “you tweeted this post, check out a similar one”, “you published this post, check out mine” and so on.Agree with me, they don’t look great. They also show that you haven’t invested any time into studying your outreach prospect and their content.

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A better excuse would sound more like

“Hey! I read your new article about *topic*, but you seem to have missed out on *thing*… I’ve covered *thing* extensively in my own article…”

Sounds better, doesn’t it? However, you will need to spend some time actually reading your prospect’s content in order to find excuses such as this one. But it is well worth it since it will raise your chance of getting a response considerably.

Also, if your content is actually good, finding a good outreach excuse won’t be much of a hassle.

Forget About Your Outreach Templates

Of course, you can’t physically outreach to hundreds of people without templating your approach to them in one way or another. But if there’s a clear sign of automation, your recipient will more than likely just delete your email, never reply to it and feel zero guilt.

So, instead of an obvious pattern like generic subject line – praising your prospect – plugging your content you should create something that at least looks personal and leave plenty of room for customization.

A decent pattern that isn’t that obviously patterned looks more like this:

● mention which of that person’s articles stands out
● provide your personal feedback on it
● plug your own content
● say exactly what makes YOUR content stand out
● ask for THEIR feedback on YOUR article.

Obviously, avoid pointless flattery and personalize each of your emails as much as possible. If you follow my pattern you should have a pretty good recipe for making valuable and personalized emails for your eCommerce-oriented blogger outreach that will win over the trust of your prospects.

Make It Clear You Know Them

Taking your time to get to know your blogger outreach prospects, as well as their eCommerce-related content, is beneficial for crafting better outreach emails. The more you know about them, the easier it is to personalize your approach.

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At the same time, if your email makes it clear you invested your personal time into researching your prospect, it makes you look better and makes them feel obligated to respond. I know I would feel like a jerk if somebody found out what I’m passionate about and mentioned it in their outreach email and I never replied.

Time Your Outreach

There’s no point in reaching out to someone about a piece of content they’ve published years ago. They have long since moved on to something more relevant and will most likely just ignore you.

The easiest outreach targets would be ones with fresh publications, only a few days old since they’re open to receiving feedback on them.

Take advantage of it and pick your prospects wisely.

Be Careful About Making Requests

It is obvious that the point of any commercial outreach email is getting exposure of some kind. But as soon as you ask for it directly, the whole mood of the email changes and it’s no longer about the prospect but rather about you asking for a favour.

So, be gentle about how you approach people and never ask directly for tweets. If they find your content interesting, they will probably tweet it anyway without you having to ask for it.

However, if you want a link from them, there’s no other way than asking for it. Just don’t be pushy. A decent link request would sound like:

“I would love to hear your feedback on my content. And if you consider the possibility of linking to it in your future articles, that’ll be amazing!”

Don’t Follow Up More Than A Couple Times

Sometimes merchants/entrepreneurs don’t respond simply because they forget to. A short follow up email would be a great way of reminding them of your existence.


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A 53% response-rate template from Mention

However, you shouldn’t overdo it and if after a couple of follow-ups you’re still not getting a response, that’s a sign that the person has no interest in your content, services, or products. Leave it be. Don’t bother them anymore, you’ll achieve nothing except for annoying them and looking like a drag.

That’s it!

The main thing you have to remember when running your blogger outreach for an eCommerce website and reaching out to people is that they’re PEOPLE. And you’re a person as well. Your conversations should look like human conversations and not robotic link requests.

So, good luck with your outreach adventures! I hope my advice have proven helpful to you!



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