How To Create A Successful Instagram Content Marketing Plan?

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There are boundless of options when it comes to Instagram marketing, here are the following figures which will help you decide and chalk out a strategy.

  • 60 percent of the Instagram users can be clubbed into the 18-29 age group – this is why you should target this age group.
  • Also, it needs to be made that Instagram users are extremely fond of brands and they also get greater engagement. For instance, engagement with 100 followers on Facebook is equal to that of 4 Instagram followers.
  • Only 36 percent of marketers use Instagram and this is quite less when pitted against 93% of them use Facebook for promoting brands.

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This is when you determine the objectives of your Instagram marketing plan:

  • You have to brand and showcase your products and services
  • Proceed to build a fan base as well as brand awareness
  • Then you can advertise to reach potential customers
  • Share the news of the industry and also connect with influencers

You can also decide and play around with the layout and aesthetics:

  • You can create a fun layout which can be created by mixing and matching photos in combination
  • And then there is the boomerang feature, where a short video can be played backward, which helps in creating nonstop motion
  • Also, there are different filters that can be tried out and you have to decide the filter which will boost your brand’s visual appeal.
  • Instagram Stories: The story format has been gaining traction with 250+ daily active users – and this is a great way to share in-moment content. And then one can add links and call-to-actions to specific pages.

You can use hashtags and they can easily be discoverable and easy to remember which shits the image and nature of the brand. Hashtags also have the potential of generating user content.

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