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Marketing is a vast ocean of ideas & strategies and it keeps on changing with the change in society. The cultural, behavioural, taste and preference, demographic factors, geographic factors, etc are some fancy basis of market segmentation that a Marketing or Brand manager of the company/brand strategies upon. Since the world is witnessing a lateral shift towards technology platforms for all its core activities; marketing, as a tool, is more or less now 100% digital. Very few companies or brands that have huge chunks of liquid cash at hand prefer to opt for regular print media marketing strategies. Otherwise, most of the companies and brands have shifted all of their marketing strategies to a digital platform as their main marketing channel. For new marketing managers, this transformation is a must ingredient for cooking up the best Digital Marketing strategy, and for this, the understanding of Digital Marketing Metrics is crucial.

Understanding Digital Marketing Metrics

Digital Marketing Metrics enables you to view the real-time progress of your Digital Marketing strategy. This gives you the power in hand to change or tweak elements of your strategy accordingly. Suppose 4 to 5 keywords, out of many hundred keywords that are in play for your SEO strategy, are not working efficiently. You can now either drop those keywords and go with new ones or you can change/tweak them to make them work more efficiently. The same goes with the hashtags for your SMO strategy.

Types and Uses

There are many Digital Marketing Metrics required by any Digital Marketing agency or company to run a full-fledged Digital Marketing Campaign. A few of them are discussed below:

  1. Overall Traffic – This shows you the total number of visits to your website. This can further be broken into different segments according to the need.
  1. Channel Specific Metrics – This acts as a doorway to your website. You can know that where the person was before landing on your website. This can give a clear idea about the taste and preferences of those persons.
  1. Bounce Rate – This is one of the most useful metrics. The bounce rate tells you the number of people who visited your website but didn’t stay much longer and left (Bounced back) your website. If you have any retention strategy for your audience, these metrics can surely help you to apply it.
  1. User Demography – A simple tool by Google Analytics can divide your unfiltered data into age, gender, location, and even taste & preferences.
  1. Brand Sentiments – A quick review on various sites, especially on Google, can help you gather more qualitative information related to the brand. This helps to strategize upon how to deliver the brand value to the target audience.

Digit Bazar, since its inception, has understood the value of all the Digital Marketing Metrics and our experts have always applied them on various Digital Marketing projects to increase the brand value of our clients and help them to deliver their promises to their customers.

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