What Is A Landing Page And Why It Is Important?

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In strictly digital marketing terms, a landing page is a page that is designed primarily for one purpose: to make a visitor convert. Now, it finds prominence when one is signing up for an event, or subscribing to a newsletter, or even donating money to a charity – a landing page attracts visitors and converts them.  The idea is to take away all the distractions which increase the chance of a conversion.

Hence, when you create a landing page, you have to optimize it and one of the first steps is to decide what you want people do to once they reach the page. With a clear campaign and an uncluttered brief, this should not be too difficult as you can start optimizing the page for the target group and then add all the essential elements which you think should be on the page.

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Here are few of the common elements which must be on the page to make it an extremely viable landing page:

  • There should be a headline that should hit the nail on the head and should convey the message in no uncertain terms.
  • There should always be a call-to-action (CTA) or a short form that the user can fill in as soon as they reach the landing page.
  • If it is an event, there should be informed about what the user would want to know before clicking the CTA (for instance, time and place of an event)
  • As far as visuals are concerned, there should be an image or short video which is interactive and appealing.
  • If there has to be a payment which has to be made, there should be a number of payment options.
  • And there should be a quote or an anecdote of any positive response or a review of any user.

One should always remember that landing page should be designed to trigger a specific action of the user and it is often created as part of a campaign and aimed at conversion owing to which it should always be convincing to the visitor.

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