How To Choose The Top Custom Software Development Companies?

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A good Top Custom Software development companies will always initiate their start with central ideas which is also known as an initial concept to create the product.

When we talk about the software development process, Custom Software Developers play the main role with respect to mobile apps. As compared to web creation, mobile app creation is completely different; it’s specially designed to meet the needs of the mobile users. They are usually called native, designed for operating systems and optimized for various platforms such as Apple or Google platforms. 

Whereas the ones that are designed jointly for both the platforms are called cross-platform mobile apps. Even though they may have different technical standards, yet mobile development are the same. 

Let’s have a look at the five stages of the mobile development process:


  1.   Central Idea

A good Top Custom Software development companies will always initiate their start with central ideas which is also known as an initial concept to create the product. There have to be key goals, market targets and understanding of how the whole development should cover the business growth in terms of key players, functions, departments etc.  


  •   Market Research

Discovery of the market is a prerequisite requirement in the initial stage. This way you will have a strong foot hole of your organization while also helping the investor to have faith in your efforts. While you do market research, always keep in minds certain points such as:

  1.   Choose the right niche
  2.   Target the right user
  3.   Solve the problem
  4.   Research and learn more from the app market store
  5.   Online search
  6.   Using the right keywords


  •   Set Goal and Objectives

Now, that you have full-fledged knowledge and understanding of the market, your competitors, you can finally identify the intended functionality and features for your mobile software on the basis of your business goals. This is a very important phase as you will finally get into building the app, so make sure to identify the hooks, i.e. the USP of your product and make it different from the rest that’s available in the market. 

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  1. Design Conception

The design depends on all the budget and therefore in the initial phase its best to keep it the design basic. You can use the MVP concept with a basic design and test it in the market. Later on, you can polish it better. For designing, these are the certain phase required:

Wireframe and storyboard: 

This is when you start with the idea of the program interface based on many questions you need to ask yourself mobile user journey questions. 


 This phase involves prototyping and user testing by potential users to see if there are any errors and then you programmers can start with the development. 


This is the stage where you start your development through several phases. So, don’t keep any restriction in your mind and write the code that won’t overload the user’s memory or processor. 


A test case is built on various phases to keep your final cost down and you should try it on many devices as possible. 

And, finally the launch of the app which can be done by only the best software development company.

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