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Software is the base for automation in every business process – be it for project management, cyber security and myriad other purposes. There are numerous software development tools which web designers and developers use to perform a specific task.

In a highly digital world, advancement in software development tools and technology is always in a state of flux. The world has become highly competitive – with the advent of new ones the older technologies go to the backseat. Thus the top app software developers need to remain aware of the changing scenario and know the best possible methods to leverage the power of advanced programming tools.

A Word about Programming Tool

Programming tools dubbed as software development tools can be defined as a specific computer program or utility which software developers/programmers use to create, change, debug, test frameworks and databases, maintain and provide assistance to other computer programs and applications in completing a development-specific task. Project Management

Top software development companies are using the following top 11 tools for client projects: 

Project Management

Project management is a very crucial task – any slip can jeopardise business operations. The best software development tools for Project Management have been highlighted here. They include:


# 1 GitHub – an open-source software development platform which can review and manage codes of entire project. It comes in the form of wide-ranged tools. Easy-to-use API can makes GitHub integrate well with all other projects. 


# 2 Zend – a PHP-based IDE which is used globally to code as well as test and debug software creations made for desktops and mobile environments. The scalability and reliability are the highlights of this tool. Zend can gel well with Xdebug, GitHub and GitFlow and several other developmental tools. 


# 3 Basecamp – is a powerful software development tool with excellent organizational abilities. Professional teams can give a makeover to business process by overhauling the look of message boards, to-do-list, document storage and etcetera. The cheery on the top is the section where a thread for communication with team members can be initiated. There is another featured section called Client Access Single Area which gives access to the professional web developers and the client’s employees – a convenient platform where notifications and direct messages can be sent. 

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a major concern since hacking or malicious cyber attacks are on the rise. Cyber security software comes in myriad forms like – antivirus, packet sniffers, firewall, PKI services, Penetration Testing, Managed Detection Services and tools related to encryption, network defence, and website vulnerability scanning. 


# 4 ModSecurity – an open-source software program which uses a firewall that is compatible on different kind of servers. This WAF or Web Application Firewall enforce strict security features and can monitor the entire HTTP(s) traffic.

Cloud Storage & Web

Microsoft Azure

# 5 Microsoft Azure – the most important tool for building and managing apps because it supports numerous programming languages.


# 6 Cloud9 – the best open-source storage tool that is reliable. It is highly effective for serverless applications on the web.


# 7 Atom – it is a versatile open-source text editor compatible to Windows as well as Linux and OS X. 




 # 8 X-Cart – its seamless integration with WordPress, ready-to-use design templates and own hosting services is the best web platform for online retail shop.

Planning and Releases


# 9 Jira – best tool for planning, managing of projects along with tracking of issues. This tool makes delegation of work across team very easily. 

Perforce Helix Core

# 10 Perforce Helix Core – this high-performance tool can help to track changes in source code and easily automate workflows.

QA Testing

qTest Manager

# 11 qTest Manager – the best quality assurance testing tool which supports real-time tracking of project execution.

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