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When we talk about Content Management Systems (CMS), the most popular name that pops out is ‘WordPress’. Be it some CMS guide on Google or an experienced developer from your contacts, most of them highlight the WordPress development company in Delhi as one of the best options for managing your content on the internet. Even after the availability of so many options, every other website is created using this CMS.

There are several distinctive features that make WordPress stand out against all other content management systems.

Few of them are listed below:

1. Open-source and Free of Cost

Being an open-source CMS, WordPress allows you to use and edit it as per your requirements, giving you good scope to implement your ideas and creativity. Its free availability makes it trouble-free for the users to find, download and install this content management system. The WordPress development website is flexible in its operations that enables you to create all kinds of the website with ease and hence, is a preferred choice of various web hosting companies.

These easy operability, flexibility, and pocket-friendly features of WordPress are the biggest reasons behind the popularity and success of this software.

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2. Customizable Themes and Plugins

Another key component of WordPress’s popularity and success is its thousands of freely available themes and plugins which further adds on to the capabilities of this content management system. This CMS allows mixing and matching of its plugins for perfectly cater to the specific needs of the users. These easy to operate and low-maintenance plugins are constantly and independently updated, thereby, leaving the dependent components unaffected WordPress website design company in Delhi.

The huge theme-based of WordPress contains well-built and attractive themes for almost all kinds of websites. These themes come with their own options panel that makes them easily customizable in terms of numerous features like theme colors, logo, background, and font, etc.

3. SEO Friendly

The high-quality codes of WordPress contribute to the higher ranking of this content management system, making it cordial to search engines. Apart from its SEO friendly coding, WordPress also offers several SEO plugins to optimize your website even better. This CMS also creates meta descriptions and title tags automatically for all your posts and pages, enabling search engines to effectively reach your content. The more your web content comes across these search engines, the more its ranking goes high and the more it attracts traffic to your site.

4. Safe and Secure

With the day by day increasing cybercrimes, several insecurities and safety concerns hit our minds when we decide to create our websites. Being well aware of the uncertainties of the internet, we fear of putting our business information online. Infinite intruders out there keep trying to invade websites for wrongly taking advantage of the information available on them. Keeping all these things in consideration, WordPress development company India gives you a platform with high-security standards, thereby, protecting your website from all these vulnerabilities. Moreover, it continuously tracks its loopholes and updates itself to match the ongoing concerns of safety.

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